Flux Foreteller Ambassador Program — join in!

Friends, hello everyone! 👋

The wonderful project Flux Protocol has announced an Ambassador Program for its community, now just in its first season, and I am one of the participants in this program! Is a very interesting and revolutionary project, it solves many oracle problems, low transaction fees, fast and secure data resolution. Also, it is optimized to support cross-chains.

Ambassador Program from Flux This is a great opportunity to project that you like, and get additional rewards from the team, tokens, a guaranteed place on the IDO, etc.

All you need to do is complete tasks and help the project gain a new audience, for example, you can create a video, write an article, an infographic, or any other activity of your choice

Foreteller Expectations

First of all, every good project tries to find a loyal audience for itself! Flux Protocol is recruiting people to actively grow, also, the team wants to see the full potential of the community!

  • SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS — Engage with blockchain communities on social platforms to increase social media presence.
  • TESTNET AND PRODUCT FEEDBACK — Test and provide feedback for Flux’s ecosystem products and features.
  • EXPAND OUR FOOTPRINT — Engage with partners’ ecosystem as well as expanding our regional presence.
  • CONTENT CREATION — Translating and creating content for regional communities on social media channels.

Benefits of Flux foretelling

The community will have the opportunity to earn various rewards from the team, such as Flux Swag, future project tokens, and early access to test the platform

Roles and tasks

Each presenter will be able to choose their own role and tasks that they do best, the list is extensive!

  • Content Creation
  • Regional Communities and Expansion
  • Developer Ecosystem
  • Translation
  • Partnership Outreach and Product Integration
  • Video Production


At the moment the set is closed, but soon the team promises to recruit new people who will actively develop and support the community! Be sure to keep an eye on the project, because now everything is just beginning, soon you will be able to join the Flux Protocol ambassador!




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